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Getting married in Turkey

What do I need to get married in Turkey
Turkey is becoming increasingly popular wedding location for those who either do not relish the ideal of a long haul flight for a wedding in the sun or for those who’s overall budget does not stretch the costs involved.

It is worth remembering

The weather is spectacular from May through to October
The Mediterranean beaches are stunning and you can marry on any one of them!
Prices are still very reasonable
The Turkish are the most helpful and accommodating people on our planet
Where children are involved all Turkish people love little ones
Flights are reasonable and 4 hour direct flights are frequent from most regional airports
It is possible to provide accommodation for loved ones at extremely reasonable prices

The LEGAL REQUIREMENTS FOR GETTING MARRIED IN TURKEY is relatively straightforward although. Once the legal requirements have been met you can marry virtually ANYWHERE so long as you have an official registrar in attendance.

These things must be done before you leave the UK

The bride and groom to be must get a Certificate of No Impediment from their local registry office.

This document proved to Turkish officials that you are legally able to marry.

How do I get my certificate of NO IMPEDIMENT

You'll need to collect the following information:

Birth certificate (a notarised copy is acceptable)

Divorce decree or death certificate (if previously married)

If you have changed your name you will need to bring your change of name deed poll

Newspaper advertisement showing your marriage declaration. When including this as evidence you must send the whole page so that the publication date can be clearly seen. Your intended marriage must be advertised for seven days so that means keeping a copy of the 7 pages whether it be over 7 days or 7 weeks.

You will need a Sworn affidavit

You will need a Special delivery envelope (for your documents' return) and postage payment of £10

You will need to include a fee (Currently £64.80 initially to process the request and then another £64.80 when you pick up your certificate.

This whole process takes around 21 days

Once you receive your certificate you will need to send it to either the British Consulate General in Izmir or Istanbul, or the British vice-Consulate in Antalya, or the British Embassy in Ankara so your certificate can be translated into Turkish.

The certificate is valid for six months check rules for Scotland as they may be slightly different.



Check with the UK Government Agency dealing with these applications

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