Monday, 24 May 2004

Lambs to the Slaughter - The story begins

May 2004
Wet behind the ears, green as two cucumbers, sitting ducks
There we were - just like on TV but without the Amanda Lamb comfort blanket .... sitting on the plane sipping our Baileys on Ice. We were doing it! We didn't know where were were staying, who was meeting us, the emails hadn't been answered and yet we had arranged the 'top up' mortgage and had enough cash from our loan account sitting waiting for the nod from us. Our heads were full of Place in the Sun, New Life in Spain, Property Hotspots 2004 and vague dreams of what we would be able to get for our money.

The second Baileys, the third and the fourth made us relax a bit - too late to turn back - and the return flight a week away. There was only one thing - Get on with it.

How hot would it be, how hot could it be, how hard could it be, how stupid could we be - well as it turns out SCORCHING - EVEN MORE SCORCHING - EXTREMELY EASY AND INCREDIBLY STUPID. But for once in our lives LUCK was on our side and thankfully it stayed with us for the next six years ..... others we met were not that stupid but sadly not that lucky either.

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