Friday, 14 January 2011

Beach Wedding Ideas

Honeymoon Villa - Beach Wedding Simplicity

A Beach Wedding is so romantic and perfect for those couples who love the open air, sun, sea and sand. You can make a beach wedding a really intimate affair with sensational photographs with or without masses of guests especially if you follow a beach theme throughout and this does not have to break the budget.

Here are some of our ideas for dreamy, romantic beach weddings;

Choose Beach colours for your theme like aqua, sand and pale blue

Use shells and pebbles to decorate flower arrangements and tables.

Use dreamy light fabrics for your ceremony arch which will billow in the breeze

Decorate wedding cake or cupcakes with aqua, sand or pale blue icing topped with white icing sea shell or starfish icing motifs

Choose an evening wedding ceremony and light the beach with beach lanterns, candles and tiki torches

Set off Chinese wish lanterns at the end of the ceremony or on the evening when the sun has gone down for a magical sight over the water’s edge.

Choose a simple menu with plenty of fresh local ingredients – consider seafood BBQ, cocktails and deep fried calamari, fresh fruit and plenty of juices – remember the hot weather makes most people lose their appetite in the day.

Favours can be bought locally and very cheaply but in Turkey we would recommend a Turkish eye for each guest as this is something they cannot buy themselves as it would bring them bad luck.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lunch at La Porta

Honeymoon Villa - Honeymoon Packages 2011
Another new romantic treat for 2011 in our Honeymoon Packages
Lunch/Brunch and Afternoon Cocktails at La Porta - Alanya Marina
See all our service options at
Honeymoon Villa - Alanya, Honeymoon and Holiday Packages 2011

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Saturday, 11 December 2010


Honeymoon Villa - Sunset Cruise
One of our new 5 star service options for 2011
  Romantic Champagne Cruise to watch the sun set behind Alanya Castle
  See all our options by following this link Honeymoon Villa, Holiday and Honeymoon Packages 2011 page

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Honeymoon Villa visits Cappadocia

Honeymoon Villa Alanya
Photo of the Day - A Trip to Cappadocia

Today we are posting a small selection of the photos we have taken in Cappadocia. For those who haven't been then you really should - this place is awesome. The photos are stunning but they just do not prepare you for the breathtaking beauty of this magical place.

We can arrange for guests at Honeymoon Villa to undertake this 3 day tour as part of their honeymoon in Turkey.
For more details visit our website

Our full album of Cappadocia can be viewed on

Friday, 3 December 2010

Honeymoon Villa Alanya - Photo of the Day

Honeymoon Villa Alanya has so many beautiful photos to share so we have decided to post 1 or 2 photos each day for friends and followers. Todays photo is a photo taken of Justin and Rebecca enjoying a lazy lunch and afternoon in the floating restaurants of Dim Cay. Ahhh they look so happy.
Dim Cay is one of the best places in Alanya during the hottest months of July and August as the water in the river remains icy cold and refreshing. On Sundays in August you will find all the locals visiting for a picnic in the shade and a cool down in the water. All Honeymoon Villa Photo Albums have been posted by Photobucket by Honeyinalanya.
  Visit our website for detail of Honeymoon and Holiday Packages for 2011 http://www.honeymoonvilla-alanya.com/

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Honeymoon Villa Gift List Service

Honeymoon Gift List Service at Honeymoon Villa
Honeymoon Villa is a serviced villa in Alanya Southern Turkey

We offer a FREE WEDDING HONEYMOON GIFT LIST SERVICE for those guests who have decided to honeymoon in Turkey and have chosen Honeymoon Villa as their destination.

This is how it works;

Couples browse through the range of service options outlined on Honeymoon Villas Honeymoon Packages 2011

You can view these by following this link.


They then let Honeymoon Villa staff know what they would like gifted by their guests.

They send a photo of themselves with their list to honeymoonvilla-alanya@live.co.uk

Honeymoon Villa staff then make up a personalised website with their gift requests listed in an online shop

The couple then distribute the web address to their guests when they send out their invitations.

Their guests then choose gifts from the list and leave a message to the couple in the guest book so that they know who to thank for each gift.

You can view a sample OUR GIFT-LIST WEBSITE at


You can also see an real example of one couples gift list and messages on

Simple - thats all there is to it.
You then enjoy all the little extras, treats and surprises that you may not have been able to afford otherwise.
Want to know more about Villa Honeymoons in Turkey then CLICK HERE

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Guests return to Honeymoon Villa

Wonderful news for all staff at Honeymoon Villa Alanya

Justin and Rebecca are coming back to Honeymoon Villa, Alanya, Turkey for their 1st Wedding Anniversary in June.

They were a such lovely couple and an absolute joy to look after for their honeymoon.

We can't wait to see them again and are delighted they have decided to return to us for yet another very special occasion.

When Justin booked their Villa Honeymoon in 2010 Rebecca had no idea where their honeymoon destination was and he kept it as a surprise right up to the moment when they climbed the steps to Honeymoon Villa's gardens. Justin had booked many special treats for her including candlelit meals at the villa, breakfast every morning and a fabulous boat trip to Green Lake.

We arranged a special surprise for them both - an excusive table for two at Flavor Beach Restaurant right at the waters edge

Rebecca loved the Villa and she loved Turkey and now they want to come back.

We'll have to start thinking of something new this year to spoil them as they now officially qualify as our VIP Guests!

If you would like to know more about a Honeymoons in Turkey, Honeymoon Villa Alanya and our Honeymoon Packages for 2011 then

Visit our website at;

Friday, 19 November 2010

Getting married in Turkey

What do I need to get married in Turkey
Turkey is becoming increasingly popular wedding location for those who either do not relish the ideal of a long haul flight for a wedding in the sun or for those who’s overall budget does not stretch the costs involved.

It is worth remembering

The weather is spectacular from May through to October
The Mediterranean beaches are stunning and you can marry on any one of them!
Prices are still very reasonable
The Turkish are the most helpful and accommodating people on our planet
Where children are involved all Turkish people love little ones
Flights are reasonable and 4 hour direct flights are frequent from most regional airports
It is possible to provide accommodation for loved ones at extremely reasonable prices

The LEGAL REQUIREMENTS FOR GETTING MARRIED IN TURKEY is relatively straightforward although. Once the legal requirements have been met you can marry virtually ANYWHERE so long as you have an official registrar in attendance.

These things must be done before you leave the UK

The bride and groom to be must get a Certificate of No Impediment from their local registry office.

This document proved to Turkish officials that you are legally able to marry.

How do I get my certificate of NO IMPEDIMENT

You'll need to collect the following information:

Birth certificate (a notarised copy is acceptable)

Divorce decree or death certificate (if previously married)

If you have changed your name you will need to bring your change of name deed poll

Newspaper advertisement showing your marriage declaration. When including this as evidence you must send the whole page so that the publication date can be clearly seen. Your intended marriage must be advertised for seven days so that means keeping a copy of the 7 pages whether it be over 7 days or 7 weeks.

You will need a Sworn affidavit

You will need a Special delivery envelope (for your documents' return) and postage payment of £10

You will need to include a fee (Currently £64.80 initially to process the request and then another £64.80 when you pick up your certificate.

This whole process takes around 21 days

Once you receive your certificate you will need to send it to either the British Consulate General in Izmir or Istanbul, or the British vice-Consulate in Antalya, or the British Embassy in Ankara so your certificate can be translated into Turkish.

The certificate is valid for six months check rules for Scotland as they may be slightly different.



Check with the UK Government Agency dealing with these applications

Web Address 

This album has 1 photo and will be available on SkyDrive until 17/02/2011.

Monday, 24 May 2004

Lambs to the Slaughter - The story begins

May 2004
Wet behind the ears, green as two cucumbers, sitting ducks
There we were - just like on TV but without the Amanda Lamb comfort blanket .... sitting on the plane sipping our Baileys on Ice. We were doing it! We didn't know where were were staying, who was meeting us, the emails hadn't been answered and yet we had arranged the 'top up' mortgage and had enough cash from our loan account sitting waiting for the nod from us. Our heads were full of Place in the Sun, New Life in Spain, Property Hotspots 2004 and vague dreams of what we would be able to get for our money.

The second Baileys, the third and the fourth made us relax a bit - too late to turn back - and the return flight a week away. There was only one thing - Get on with it.

How hot would it be, how hot could it be, how hard could it be, how stupid could we be - well as it turns out SCORCHING - EVEN MORE SCORCHING - EXTREMELY EASY AND INCREDIBLY STUPID. But for once in our lives LUCK was on our side and thankfully it stayed with us for the next six years ..... others we met were not that stupid but sadly not that lucky either.

Now one things we agreed NOT to do .....

We had it all sorted out in our heads
We talked about it.
We decided how to play it.
We decided what to do.
We decided what not to do.
We both agreed not to do one thing in particular.
We chose an early flight so that we wouldn't.
We chose an early flight so we could get to bed early and keep a clear head.
We weren't going to drink too much
We weren't going to drink at all
We would go to bed early - and we would rise early.
So why the bloody hell were we still drinking in the bar at 5 a.m. on our the first night?
You tell me cos I don't know!

Day one of our inspection trip - Mighty Hangover - Not a good idea

5 a.m. bed
Just 2 hours sleep and a cockeral starts to crow. I remember lying in bed listening to it crow over and over thinking - that doesn't sound Turkish at all. Then I could hear the distant echoes of a family tearing themselves out of bed, baby crying, dog barking, husband shouting, wife arguing back. You couldn't mistake what was going on even though you couldn't understand a word of what was being said. Their life was being conducted in the open air, maybe on a balcony or on a patio but certainly not in the privacy of their home. I heard the distant, haunting chants of the nearby mosque and immediately had a sense of being in a very foreign land.

The sun started to stream through the cracks of the dark oak french doors to the room we had been allocated. Even though it was the crack of dawn that sun was felt very very warm.

I dozed for another hour or so but I was getting too warm in the room and my throat was parched. Why on earth did we .... oh what the hell - no point crying over spilt milk (or three quarters of a bottle of Jamesons.) I could hear the chinking of dishes and cutlery so slipped on a baggy t shirt and went to survey my surroundings. Nothing prepared me for the absolute charm and beauty of this old Turkish Villa.

I had pushed open the wooden french windows and stepped onto a stunning veranda which overlooked orange and pomegranite trees. The branches of these trees provided a shaded canopy over an al fresco eating area below. There were walkways around the garden and a narrow winding pathway down to a deep blue swimming pool. I fell in love with the place

Stretching over the railings of the veranda I could see through the branches of the tree that the houseman, who I later found out was a young Turkish boy called Zekkee, was laying the tables for what I presumed was to be our breakfast. He had a full beige robe on and was covered from the neck down in cotton. On his head was a neat little circle crowning his wellgroomed sleak brown wavy hair. The smell of coffee was so inviting that when I saw him make his way back towards the building I crept down the wrought iron steps to get myself a pre-breakfast pick me up.

Carefully pouring myself a large mug of the hot black liquid I sneaked back up the staircase. When safely back on the balcony I sat and sipped this welcome brew thinking about the week ahead and trying to weigh up our situation through my malt -whisky induced hangover.

So - we had assumed we would be staying in a hotel - and, I must admit, when we left the lights of the town last night and started winding up the darker unlit paths I felt just a little anxious. We really didn't know where we were, we had only just met the two British lads who had collected us from the airport - we really were laying ourselves open to all sorts of scams or shady dealings.

But now as the coffee started working its magic I realised that we could not have a complaint about our room, or the house we were staying in. It was absolutely delightful. It felt so Turkish and so gloriously authentic that it seemed to add to the excitement of what we were hopefully about to do...

Buy our very own house in Turkey.

But for now this was our Turkish Home for 1 week in May.

Its funny but my story began in Antique Villa in May 2004.

Now in 2010 I have found the villa on sale for a mere 500,000 euros!
Worth every penny I would say!
Oh how I wish I could afford to buy it myself.

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